Our Approach

Our Vision

Our vision is our roadmap to enduring success.

  • Be a people-friendly social media organization.
  • Nurture and inspire individual talents to get the best out of them.
  • Build long-lasting relationships with customers based on mutual respect and loyalty.
  • Be a highly productive, constructive and fast-moving organization.
  • To be the best web development and digital marketing agency in the world.


Our Story

Our Story

Every business has a beginning and a story. The story of DigiCrawlrZ began in a restaurant in Goa. As a foodie, our founder, Patrick tries out different restaurants at least once a month. Most of the restaurants are known via word of mouth. They have limited presence online and so are other small to medium scale businesses. Sitting in the restaurant,  Patrick wondered that if this restaurant had its own presence online it could have leveraged its site as an ideal platform to showcase its products to tap more customers. Thus came about the idea of reaching out to such businesses to help them get their business online. An opportunity combined with a passion to help people lead to an idea - DigiCrawlrZ.

Through DigiCrawlrZ, we want to help businesses, NGOs and institution bridge a digital gap so that they can achieve their objectives by leveraging the power of Internet.

 Our aim will be to design attractive websites for such businesses and combine it with powerful digital marketing tools to help them scale up their business to an altogether new level.


I have worn many hats over a course of 12+ years. Before donning the entrepreneurial hat, I was an Assistant Editor with a Publishing Company. My job was interesting but I needed something that was challenging. I decided to quit my job and  start out on an entrepreneurial journey. I believe in creating opportunities not just for myself but for others and believe that life is full of opportunities.

With Masters in Applied Genetics and Biotechnology from Bangalore University and Flinders University of South Australia, I decided to make my own path to success on a different route. Normal is boring to me. I love learning new things and acquiring talents that could come in handy. That's how I ventured into Web Development and Digital Marketing.

I am a foodie, adventurer, love watching movies and dancing. I have also started a tutorial academy called SmartKids which utilises key tech tools and visual aids to teach and help students achieve their educational goals.

We Focus on...

Meeting online needs of start-ups, small to medium businesses and individuals seeking high quality online solutions.