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The Admin of every page has one lingering question? How do I reach out to my clients who are searching for me. Facebook Graph Search provides one of the many options the social media giant has been rolling out in recent years to improve audience reach.

In this blog we will see how to increase your exposure in Facebook Graph Search.

What is Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search allows users to search for specific information about their friends using various filters. Below is a snapshot of it does for you.

Users can search for people who are single and like Cats and are from Chicago, Illinois. For example, friends of friends who like cats, or photos of friends with cats or cat pictures from a certain month or year.

How do we begin?

In order to improve search visibility of your page some background work must be done as Facebook’s own initial search categories are limited to general searches like those you see below.

graph search categories

Facebook gives you some initial search categories or you can search by keywords.

In order to set your Page up for Facebook Graph Search let’s have a look at the things we need to do.

#1: Mind Your Category

Facebook’s search feature (at the top of Facebook) gives you an idea about what your friends and their are talking about. The search is dependent on the keyword used. For instance, if I need to look for all those talking about a website I need to type in the word in the search bar. 

By default, Facebook will give you ‘All’ posts with the keyword. The search also options in the left hand column giving you the ability to see who has posted what, when was it posted and where (geographical location) was it posted (see snapshot). You never know, there might be someone out there who might be looking out for your services. So watch out for this space!

The search also gives Posts, People, Photos, Videos, Places, Shop, Groups, Apps and Events. The key to getting your brand listed in one of these searches is to categorize it into one of the above.  

The search is a beauty if you turn innovative. For example, just type ‘friends and apps‘ in the search bar and you will instantly see a list of top Apps being used by your friends. It will also tell you how many friends are using that App. 

However, the suggested search results  will vary depending on factors like your Facebook connections, likes and interests. 

Be also mindful of all the subcategories while filling up your ‘About’ section. Facebook’s search algorithm picks up on minor details acting as a differentiating quotient.

Places can choose up to 3 Place subcategories, so make sure you are using those choices wisely.

Facebook Subcategories

Add subcategories on the Basic Information area of your Place Page.

#2: Check-in

One of the coolest feature Facebook has is the ‘Check-in’. If you have a Page for your business you might want to encourage check-in. It has an advantage: friends of friends get a notification post saying that their friend has checked-in at your business location. The number of check-ins and who all (friends) have checked-in previously is also visible thereby lending a sort of social credibility to the existence and popularity of your business or brand. If you have many check-ins, the probability of Facebook, showing your business location in its recommended searches, increases.

#3: Claim Your Business Place

A Facebook Place can be created by simply using a phone. Often, you will find businesses which have not created a Page have a page created by Facebook because someone created that Facebook Place to check-in. Sometimes, Facebook creates one if it’s a popular place visited by its users. Let’s say you stumble upon your Facebook Place and you wish to claim it as your own.

Open the Page created by Facebook for your business place. At the right hand bottom of your cover pic you will see the Like, Save and Suggest Edits buttons. At the end of these buttons you will see 3 dots. Once you click on those 3 dots a drop-down menu appears as seen in the snapshot.

It will ask you if you are the owner and if you would like to claim this business as your own. When you click on ‘Is this your business?’, a new window opens up. This will ask you if you already have a Verified Page for your business and if you do, it gives you an option to merge the Facebook Place with your existing Verified Page.

If you do not have an existing Page it also gives you an option to claim and verify your business with a phone call or documents.

#4: Tagging and Liking of Photos

Photos are facebook’s favorites. So whenever anyone tags your business in their posts you will receive a notification. It will also show up  on their friends walls and to all those searching for your business or to a business similar to yours. Encouraging people to tag and like your business can be a great way of spreading the message that your business exists and it is open for business.

Although, the above techniques can help your business figure in the searches it is important to post regularly on Facebook to improve your brand visibility and to stay connected with your existing fans.

Let us know how you found this blog. Please share any new ideas that you may have. You can also find us at DigiCrawlrZ