1. Know your Fans.  When you post always keep your fans interest in mind. Customize your posts that are best suited to your fans. You may like to post about yourself and your company. Keep this urge to the minimum. Adopt the 80/20 rule. In other words, only 20% of your content should be about yourself or your company. The remaining 80% of the posted content should focus on adding value to your fans.

  2. Be selectively active. Be careful of how active you are. Being overactive, that is, posting more than 2 posts a day could annoy your fans driving them away from your page and chances are that your posts could get lost between news feeds. So, if you have an  important message to send across to your fans you might miss out on that opportunity.

  3. Timing is crucial. The timing of your posts is crucial to the success of your post. You need to find through experimentation and analytics the time when your fans are on social media. This will facilitate sharing of your post. Always post when your fans online.

  4. Maintain uniformity.  While sharing your message on different social media platforms always maintain uniformity across  various platforms. Be consistent and clear in putting your message across.

  5. Share. Share. Share. Nothing works more better than sharing your post across various social media platforms. Get your friends, colleagues and family members to share your posts. How do you think posts become viral?!

  6. Make a To-Do-List.  I always say this. Make a To-Do-List. Everything that needs to be done just list it down and when the task is completed just tick mark or cross it out (whichever makes you feel better). Attention to details is crucial in social media. Don’t leave anything to assumption as it could come back to haunt you. Remember what happens on Internet stays on Internet! Avoid mistakes (mistakes do happen!)

  7. Be genuine.  Maintain originality as much as possible and be creative. Showcase your business and highlight what sets you apart from the rest of the competition. Make your posts a memorable experience for your fans.

  8. Fans are the kings. You must have heard this a zillion times ‘Customer is the King’. That’s true for online fans as well. Provide your fans with great online experience and they will not only keep coming back for more but will happily oblige to get few more of their friends along with themselves. Happy fans make great brand ambassadors!

  9. Light up social media.  Nobody wants to see boring and non-creative posts. Be super excited about your posts and this will be a reflection of your company. Be colourful, imaginative and bold.

  10. One size doesn’t fit all.  What’s important is to choose a social media platform that meets your objectives. Each social media platform has its pros and cons and also a particular appeal that makes it unique. Spend some quality time understanding how each one works before jumping onto the platform. Also, it would be worth evaluating your competitors presence on various social media platforms. It will give you an idea where your target audience is and how to reach out to them. You don’t have to be on every social media platform. Prioritize and focus on only those platforms which make more sense to your company’s objectives. Scott Levy, an online marketing expert says, “Most people and companies can’t be amazing on every platform; that takes a huge amount of bandwidth and resources. Instead of having sub-par representation in a lot of places, be awesome on a few of them.” 

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